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Asador Artero

Asador Artero (Calle Artero 20, 38913 Tigaday) – grilled meats are a specialty at this restaurant. Seafood is also worth ordering here, along with tapas. Local Spanish wines are also available. A suitable restaurant for eco-tourists passing through the Frontera area.


Calle Doctor Quintero

Calle Doctor Quintero (Valverde) — La Calle, which is how residents refer to the main street (Calle Dr. Quintero), is home to a few clothes boutiques, shops selling gifts and accessories, banks, book stores, restaurants, cafés and several eateries. El Secreto is one of them. This vintage hide-away defies convention with its colour scheme and […]


Bar Cafetería Chachi

Bar Cafetería Chachi (Calle Travesía del Pino 42, 38914 El Pinar) – this is one of the smallest bars in El Pinar (the southernmost part of El Hierro). This is still a worthy pit stop for beer-thirsty eco-tourists returning from excursions in this part of the island. There’s also Wi-Fi, where visitors can check their […]


Bajada de la Virgen Festival

  Bajada de la Virgen Festival (Villa de Valverde) – this religious event, held every four years, is dedicated to the patron saint of El Hierro (Virgen de los Reyes), who was credited with ending a dangerous drought that the island endured in 1741. This event is attended by virtually all of the island’s residents, […]



CAR RENTALS – the following car rental agencies operate in El Hierro: Autos Bamir: +34 922 551 291 Avis: +34 922 092 330 Cicar: +34 922 551 539 Europcar: +34 911 505 000 Pepecar: +34 902 996 666


About El Hierro

The volcanic island of El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands (at just 268 square kilometers, with a population of just 10,798 inhabitants). This island was colonized in the early 1400s by the same explorer (Jean de Bethencourt) who also founded the neighboring Canary Island of Fuerteventura on behalf of the Spanish crown. […]